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Children younger than 3 years of age are seen often for check- ups. There are 11 check-ups from birth to 3 years old. Check-ups should be done once a year on every patient starting at 3 years old. Has your child had a check up lately? Most insurance companies do not require co-pays for check ups now. Check with your insurance company to see if this is true for your insurance. Check ups are preventive in nature and we want to encourage all of our patients to come in for their check ups. Remember, important vaccines are giving at your child’s checkup. Do not wait, call today.
Contact our office staff to schedule your appointment.
For those patients who have asthma and who are prescribed daily preventative medication, we recommend asthma checks every 3 months, so we can adjust the medication appropriately.
This has been a topic widely covered in the news as research has shown that young athletes can suffer long term damage to the brain if a concussion is not treated appropriately. Learn more about concussions and treatment.
Print this information and discuss with your child the effect and concerns of cyber bullying. This is a nationwide problem that needs to be taken seriously.
Call 911 immediately in cases of life-threatening emergencies. After office hours, if you need advice for the care of your child or if you believe your child needs urgent care, please call our office number 770-442-1050. Our answering service will take a message and one of our physicians will call and advise you how to best care for your child.
Call 911 immediately in cases of life-threatening emergencies. If it is not a life-threatening emergency and it is after our office hours, please call our office number 770-442-1050 before going to an emergency room or urgent care facility. One of our physicians will advise you how to best care for your child. If the physician advises you to go to an emergency room or urgent care facility please be sure to call our office the next business day and speak with our Referral Specialist at extension 245 if your insurance plan requires a authorization to be seen in the ER or Urgent care. Please also request that a summary of your visit be sent to us.
If you are on an HMO/POS insurance plan and are requesting a first time referral to a specialist or an Urgent Care/ER facility, please call our Referral Coordinator at 770-442-1050, ext. 245.

If you are requesting additional visits to a specialist to whom we have previously referred you, please call our Referral Coordinator or you may contact them by email by sending a message to her form our portal.

You can request a refill through the portal and a message will go directly to our nursing staff.
If the child is being treated with a controlled substance medication (Ritalin, Concerta, Adderall,Vyvanse, and other medications used to treat ADHD) will need to be seen at least for yearly health checkups and occasionally during the year for a medication re check Parents or guardians should contact our office at least 72 hours in advance during normal weekday business hours when needing your child’s prescription refilled or if you think adjustments need to be made to your child’s medications. This gives the doctor an opportunity to review the chart appropriately if needed. If your child’s doctor is not in when you call, your prescription should be available the day after they return. Prescriptions for these medications will not be filled on a same day basis, or on weekends so please plan ahead in order to avoid any interruption in your child’s treatment. You will receive a return telephone call from our office if there is a problem with refilling the prescription. Otherwise because we do send refills electronically, be sure to check with your pharmacy to insure they received the refill.

Routine refills of daily medications (Example: allergy medications) do not usually require an appointment. These refills can be requested by sending a message through our portal or calling our office during normal weekday business hours. In some cases, an appointment may be necessary to complete your refill request. We may need to see your child if it has been a year or longer since the last visit or your child has new symptoms.

Although it is not mandatory to familiarize yourself with our office prior to your delivery, it is preferable that you attend one of our complimentary afternoon Prenatal Open House given by our Nurse Practitioner, or evening Meet and Greets given by one of our physicians. This allows you to know our building location, ask questions related to our practice, and meet other expectant parents. If you attend an afternoon, you will also have an opportunity to meet our physicians and tour our office. If you are experiencing a problem with your pregnancy that you need to discuss with us prior to delivery, an individual consultation may be scheduled with any of our physicians. Our staff will be glad to assist you with making an appointment. Other than this contact, no specific notification is required prior to the baby being born.

Once the baby is born, the hospital will notify our practice of the birth as long as you have previously designated one of our physicians to be your baby’s pediatrician. It is not necessary for you to contact us directly.

If you deliver at a hospital other than Northside Hospital Atlanta, it will be necessary to call our office at 770-442-1050 once you and your baby are home to schedule a 2 or 3 day follow up appointment.

Presently, we do not provide consultations via email. Issues of confidentiality, liability, etc., will have to be resolved prior to this becoming a reality. Voicemail may be used to request prescription refills and school and daycare forms.Or message our nursing staff with any questions or refills you may need at our portal.