Immunization Schedule

Our Vaccine Policy

We at North Fulton Pediatrics believe in evidence based medicine, which has firmly shown the safety of vaccines. We believe vaccinating children and adolescents is one of our main responsibilities as your pediatrician. In order to best protect our patients, we require families to vaccinate their children. We strongly encourage following the CDC and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) vaccination schedule. While we do not believe in any benefit of separating vaccines, we believe in working with families to provide care that is supportive and allows us to grow together.  Regrettably, if a family is unable to commit to completing vaccines within the required timeframe, we are unable to continue providing care for their children in this practice.   We look forward to working together to keep your family healthy and protecting OUR FUTURE.  

Our Vaccination schedule at routine Well Child Care visits

NewbornHepB if not given at birth hospital
1 monthHepB
2 monthsPentacel, Prevnar, Rota
4 monthsPentacel, Prevnar, Rota
6 monthsPentacel, Prevnar, Rota
9 monthsHepB if not already given at 9 months
12 monthsMMR, Prevnar, HepA
15 monthsVar, Hib
18 monthsDTap, HepA
24 months
30 months
3 years
4 yearsDTap, IPV, MMRV
5 years – 10 years
11 yearsTdap, HPV, MenACWY
12 yearsHPV
13 – 15 years
16 yearsMenACWY
17-18 yearsMenB (Bexsero)

FLU and COVID: Typically updated Flu and Covid vaccines are offered annually in the Fall/start of the school year if your child is 6 months or older. We carry both Flu injections and Flumist (nasal spray). For Covid vaccinations, we carry Moderna for all ages 6 months and older.

RSV: a monoclonal antibody injection called Beyfortus is available for newborns – 8 month olds starting in September – March (respiratory season). It protects against Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) that can cause severe lower respiratory infections and hospitalizations in infants and toddlers. We offer this to infants if their mother has not already received an RSV vaccine from their OBGYN/provider in her third trimester.

MEASLES: There has been an increase in Measles cases worldwide, and in March 2024 the CDC released a press-statement encouraging families who are planning to travel internationally or to an area of known measles outbreak to ensure your child has been vaccinated. Typically, the measles vaccine series is given through an MMR vaccine at the 1-year old and 4-year old visits. If your child is between the ages of 6 months and 11 months, we can complete a dose of MMR prior to travel in the office. More info here.

TRAVEL VACCINES: Please click here to learn about which vaccines your child may need prior to upcoming travel. We do not commonly have in stock Typhoid, Rabies, Yellow Fever, Japanese Encephalitis. Please call/portal message us if you have specific questions regarding your family’s upcoming travel needs.