COVID-19 Resources

We are working diligently to keep COVID-19 Resources current and reliable so that you and your family stay up-to-date with the latest information. Here are common questions and links that we have compiled. (Last updated 4/2024).

Where can my child get TESTED for COVID-19?

  • North Fulton Pediatrics is offering PCR testing and Rapid molecular PCR COVID testing via Abbot-ID NOW (if insurance eligible).  Please call the office to speak to a triage nurse/physician about which test is most appropriate.  
  • Testing sites locator from the CDC

Where can my child get VACCINATED for COVID-19?  

  • The Science behind COVID-19 Vaccines: Parent FAQs
  • Where can patients/parents be vaccinated?
    • Here at North Fulton Pediatrics!  We are offering COVID vaccines to our patients and their parents/families!  
      • Starting Fall 2023, we have supply of the most up-to-date Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, and are scheduling appointments now.  The indication is for 6 months and older.
        • We carry Moderna vaccine for 6 months and older
          • For 6 months through 4 years olds, the primary series is 2 shots separated by 4 weeks apart.
            • If your child has completed the primary series in a prior season, just one shot of the updated booster is required
          • For 5 year olds +,
            •  One shot of the updated 2023-2034 Covid vaccine booster is approved and can be given as soon as 2 months after the most recent dose 
        • We currently do not have Pfizer or Novovax vaccines
          • If parents are interested in finding Pfizer vaccine, please use Vaccine Finder at to search for a local clinic/pharmacy.  Of note, some pharmacies may not vaccinate 3 years old and younger.  
    • Please call our office at 770-442-1050 to schedule an appointment.  

Vaccine Information for Moderna 2023-2024 Covid Vaccine