Expectant Parents

Expectant Parents Prenatal Meet & Greets

We ask all visitors to our office to follow our social distancing guidelines. Please wear a mask and observe social distancing guidelines.

Daytime classes are held in our Conference Room one weekday per month from 12:45 P.M. – 1:30 P.M. Evening classes are held at 6:00 P.M. monthly. The evening class is hosted by one of the practice physicians in our office waiting room.

We also offer the option of Virtual prenatal appointments! Please call to schedule.

Prospective parents are invited to attend to learn more about our practice, what to expect during your hospital stay, neonatal screening tests, breast and bottle feeding and circumcision. Ample time is given to answer all of your questions and during the daytime prenatal you will have the opportunity to meet all of our pediatricians. There is no charge for this class.

Please call our office at 770-442-1050 extension 245 to schedule a time to attend. For questions about our prenatal classes please contact Kerri Beaulieu.

Prenatal Meet & Greet Schedule

DateTimeHosted by
8/24/202206:00 PMJodi Greenwald, MD
9/14/202206:00 PMLaura Zucker, MD
9/15/202212:45 PMKatie Thompson, NP
10/3/202212:45 PMPat Musto, NP
10/18/202206:00 PMAnna Vu, MD
11/9/202206:00 PMJodi Greenwald, MD
11/22/202212:45 PMKatie Thompson, NP
12/5/202212:45 PMPat Musto, NP
12/7/202206:00 PMLaura Zucker, MD
1/24/202306:00 PMAnna Vu, MD
1/12/202312:45 PMKatie Thompson, NP
2/8/202306:00 PMJodi Greenwald, MD
2/23/202312:45 PMPat Musto, NP
3/9/202312:45 PMKatie Thompson, NP
3/22/202306:00 PMLaura Zucker, MD

When your baby is born, the pediatrician on staff there will examine your baby. We will meet your child for their first office visit at North Fulton Pediatrics two or three days after discharge, or sooner if advised by the attending physician at the delivering hospital.