Prescription Refills

We can help you refill your child’s prescription medications

Non-Controlled Prescription Refills

Routine refills of medications (Example: allergy medications) do not usually require an appointment. You can call our office during normal weekday business hours and speak to the nurse for your child’s refill. In some cases, an appointment may be necessary to complete your refill request. We may need to see your child if it has been a year or longer since the last visit or your child has developed new symptoms.

Controlled Prescription Refills

Please go to the portal and request refills to be sent to the nurse.

If your child is being treated with a controlled substance medication (Example: Ritalin, Concerta, Adderall, Vyvanse, and other controlled medications), your child must have at least a yearly check-up. You may be required to come in during the year for a medication check if your doctor requires it. Parents or guardians should contact our office at least 48-72 hours in advance during normal weekday business hours when requesting your child’s prescription refill or if you think adjustments need to be made to your child’s medications. This gives the doctor an opportunity to review the chart if needed. If your child’s doctor is not in when you call, your prescription should be available the day after they return. Prescriptions for these medications will not be filled on a same day basis or on a weekend, so please plan ahead in order to avoid any interruption in your child’s treatment. You will receive a return telephone call from our office if there is a problem refilling the prescription. We send medications electronically, so be sure to check with your pharmacy to ensure they received the medication refill from us and that it is ready for pick up.

For refill request please click on patient portal or click below to go to: