COVID FAQs 1/2022

Q: Should I get a COVID test?

A:  If you have been exposed to someone w COVID and have symptoms of COVID (fever, cough, chills, congestion, loss of taste or smell, vomiting or diarrhea-in younger kids) in the subsequent 3-5 days, you can assume it is due to COVID and isolate (stay away from other people) for at least 5 days until your symptoms are resolved .  You must mask around others for the 5 days after that.  If you want to get tested, assume it is COVID and isolate until you can get tested and receive the results.  Testing is not urgent.

Q: Does a negative test mean I don’t have COVID?

A:  Maybe, but if the test was done less than 3-5 days after exposure, you may not have enough virus in your nose yet to show up on a PCR/molecular test.  A home antigen test is not as sensitive especially if you have no symptoms. If it may have been too soon, retest at 5 days after exposure

Q: My child tested + for COVID at home or an outside facility – do they need to be seen in the office?

A: In most cases, no.  If they just have cold symptoms, even with a couple of days of fever, you can manage their symptoms at home. Tylenol or Motrin (if older than 6 months old) for fever and aches, fluids, and rest.   The sick person should be isolating. They should be seen if they have chest pain, shortness of breath, signs of dehydration, fever over 101F for 5 days or longer. Call for any of these or other new symptoms such as severe abdominal pain, rash, or conjunctivitis. 

Q: Does my child  need a COVID vaccine if they have had an infection with COVID?

A:  Yes. It is recommended that all kids 5 years and up be vaccinated against COVID .  They can get their vaccine as soon as they have fully recovered from their infection, though they may have some immunity for the 90 days following infection.

Q:  What should we do when the kids go back to school?

A: The Omicron variant is highly contagious.  To reduce the risk of getting covid, they should wear a mask (ideally N95 or KN95), get vaccinated if they are 5 years or older, and wash or sanitize hands frequently.

Q: Where/when can my child go for a COVID test?

A: If they are sick and need to be seen, we can test here at NFP. 

If they have no symptoms, consecutive (2 or 3 in a row 5 days after exposure) in home rapid testing is useful, or go to one of the following locations as we are unfortunately unable to test asymptomatic patients. We need our staffing and time to see our sick patients, continue well child care visits, and give COVID vaccines. 


Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Hospitals

Viral Solutions is offering COVID-19 testing at CHOA hospitals. Siblings and caregivers may also be tested. Pre-registration is not required, but appointments can be made on Viral Solutions website. 


• Children’s at Egleston Hospital (located immediately inside the Emergency Department parking deck)

• Children’s at Hughes Spalding Hospital (located in the parking lot to the left of the valet)

• Children’s at Scottish Rite Hospital (located outside the Emergency Department)

Hours: 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

Children’s at Satellite Boulevard

COVID Care GA is offering COVID-19 testing in the parking lot of Children’s at Satellite Boulevard. Siblings and caregivers may also be tested. Pre-registration is not required, but appointments can be made on the COVID Care GA website.

Hours: Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Children’s at Town Center

Emergent Testing is offering COVID-19 testing at Children’s at Town Center in the back of the Urgent Care Center. Siblings and caregivers may also be tested. Pre-registration is not required, but appointments can be made on the Emergent Testing website.

Hours: Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Also DPH website——

Q.: Where can I go to get my child vaccinated ?

A: Here at NFP

or check Georgia DPH website—

Q: Does my child need to wear a mask?

A: YES! All people over 2 years old should wear a mask indoors in public places-Including School.  A KN95 or N 95 or surgical mask are best. Fit is important. Consider double masking, especially for people who have not had 2 doses of COVID vaccine and a booster.